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Healthy, Clean Air


Duct cleaning is one of the top maintenance tasks that homeowners often miss or don’t even know that it needs to be done.  Often it’s not until someone gets sick and their health doesn’t improve or until someone new moves into the home that the ducts are even given consideration.  They are an important part of your home and it’s good to have them professionally cleaned every 3 to 4 years.

Air Purification

Indoor air quality is a top concern for homeowners. Your heating and cooling system acts like the lungs of your home, taking in dust from all around you while breathing out fresh oxygen every time! 

Dust & Debris Removal

But with so many contaminants being pulled into these ventilation systems, it becomes important to have professionals properly clean your air ducts. 



indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is one concern that homeowners have when they decide to investigate duct cleaning. Your heating and cooling system is the lungs of your home, taking in fresh outside air while breathing out stale indoor contaminants 5-7 times per day on average! Over time this re circulation causes a buildup inside homes’ HVAC systems which can lead not only dirty vents but also higher utility bills due an inefficient operation (or worse yet; poor performance).


Did you know that your Mini-Split system
needs to be cleaned? 
We can take care of that for you!
Here’s a video showing our process:

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residue from mini split cleaning
Residue from a Mini-Split Cleaning

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Nick CrandellNick Crandell
22:52 14 Feb 24
Shawn CheadleShawn Cheadle
17:41 14 Feb 24
Outstanding response to a difficult situation with a furnace going down in winter. From inspection to quote to finished installation, A-1's team was outstanding!
Vince VandiverVince Vandiver
19:40 13 Feb 24
Very professional. John worked until 9pm at my dad's house making sure the boiler worked properly before he left. I was very happy with A-1 service
Julie NewellJulie Newell
16:12 13 Feb 24
Thank you A-1 Heating and Cooling for your prompt response to our call for help. Your service was outstanding even in the late hours of work. We appreciate your high level of expertise and service!
Andrew StreetAndrew Street
23:18 12 Feb 24
Jairo came over and took care of an issue we've been having with our toilet. He was awesome and did a great job!
17:07 16 Jan 24
I love A1 heating and cooling. They're my go to when I have AC and heating issues. This time my heating was down and temperatures outside were freezing. Within a day I had a diagnosis and someone working on it. We were so lucky to work Cody Smith. He's great and knowledgeable. Always early and with excellent manners. It ended up being a major installation... But thanks to him and his team my home is warm again. I couldn't recommend them enough
01:43 09 Jan 24
I really like A1 heating and cooling. They’re super responsive and fast. I’ve hired them several times. Their prices are fair. I even got pretty good discounts for being a returning customer. This time I had the opportunity to work with Nicholas and Braun. They’re awesome ! Hands down one of the best in this valley. They also offer financing of all their projects
Danika KrajcarDanika Krajcar
20:54 15 Dec 23
A1 Heating and Cooling is incredible. They were able to come inspect, get an estimate and discuss other possible options, order and replace our furnace in a week of us contacting them. They dropped off space heaters on the day of inspection to help keep us comfortable until the new furnace was installed. Not only that, A1 was significantly cheaper than other companies.Patrick and Audrey were very clean, professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Both made sure to take the time to explain everything and answer any questions we had without making us feel like they were just rushing from job to job.I felt very safe and confident in the skills of A1 Heating and Cooling and would highly recommend them.
Laurie HawkinsLaurie Hawkins
15:35 23 Nov 23
Installed new water heater and had to repair floor underneath. Very happy with everything. Looks to be a great quality product. The service technician did an excellent job and made sure he answered all my questions. Would highly recommend.
Morgan HeldMorgan Held
18:52 17 Nov 23
Audrey came twice, once for a cleaning that was unable to be done due to the state of my ducts and for the replacement. She was a delight both times. She explained everything that was going to happen and made sure everything was done well and left my crawlspace looking better than she found it. I could not be more pleased with A-1s services. They will be the only company I use for this work in the area.
Steve WendtSteve Wendt
21:39 16 Nov 23
Cody and Alex were very professional, friendly and hard working.
Jeremy BaronetJeremy Baronet
17:17 16 Nov 23
Professional and knowledgeable, answered my questions and didn't rush.
Jeremy MendozaJeremy Mendoza
02:08 15 Nov 23
Technician that came by was profesional, friendly and efficient. However, the company quoted me over $1200 for a simple part replacement. I called to get a detailed itemized estimate and was told they don't do that. I then asked to at least know what the cost of the part was. I was told they didn't have that information. I called another local company and the technician found the part, in town, within 10 minutes and replaced it with warranty for less than a third of the price. Be sure to shop around as there are many options with more transparent companies and people out there.
B ThomasB Thomas
01:19 28 Oct 23
A big Shout Out to Cody and Audrey. They installed our new Coleman furnace yesterday, and due to unforseen technical issues, they could not finish until today. They handled a difficult with calmness and a friendly smile.Another big Shout Out to Brawn, Alexa, and Nan who worked with me so patiently during the chaos. Thank you A-1 Heathing & Cooling. You all Rock!
Ray CiborowskiRay Ciborowski
19:41 20 Oct 23
I ordered a new high efficiency furnace A1 heating installed it within a week. Braun the estimator was spot on with the price. But best of all was the installer and service tech Cody. He and his apprentice helper Alex were absolutely fantastic .They took the time to explain everything including when they were going to arrive and leave. The place was left spotless after finishing the job.. the whole experience from start to finish was excellent. I feel very good about recommending A1 heating and cooling
Melissa AdayMelissa Aday
04:25 09 Oct 23
Cody is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. One of the best experiences we have ever had with any service provider.We would highly recommend A1 and will be calling on them again. Great work and competitive pricing.We’ll be requesting Cody Smith if he’s available.Thanks, Cody !Our estimator Braun was also very pleasant and professional.A positive experience all around.
Jeff ZelenkaJeff Zelenka
14:02 08 Sep 23
During my A/C install Audrey discovered that my furnace flue was rusted and leaking CO into my home. Great company. Great service. I highly recommend A-1 for all of your HVAC needs.